Saturday, 1 March 2014

Our first week back at school

Thank you FS2 for a fabulous week. I am really proud of everyone's hard work in the areas of our classroom. We've enjoyed reading Elmer and using the story for our writing in literacy time and for counting and pattern making in maths time.

Here is the slideshow. Look out for a giant Elmer on the shed, ballet classes, ice investigation and a rolling game using the guttering and balls.

Our first week back on PhotoPeach

Photo of the week

A baby in a cot and blue stairs by Olivia S-S
Have a look at Olivia's wonderful painting she made at the "colour mixing" table. 
This is what she told me about it;
"This is a baby in the cot in the bedroom, he's wearing spotty bottoms. The mummy is coming up the stairs but you can't see her. There are snowflakes falling down outside"

Can you write back and tell me what you've enjoyed this week?

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  1. I like Olivia's painting. Elise